Labor Day Weekend at MLK Memorial- 10am-7am

Supreme Day of Prayer and Creativity at

MLK Memorial- No to Violence-Hate-Divisiveness- Yes to Love-Peace-Unity 8-30-14

 Prayer Leaders,  Students, Creative Talents, Educators, Government Leaders/Public Servants, Keepers of the Faith- All Who Desire to Honor God at the Nation's Spiritual Landmark Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Background: MLK-UNDIVIDED speaks to the never-ending biblical rights/truths that inspired and guided   Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., beyond social, political, civil and human rights agendas to unite people to love one another as God loves us and to treat all men equal as we were created.  Today, amid the storms of politics, race, religion, violence and many divides in our nation, spiritual leaders know that this is a teachable moment and we will not allow the sacrifices and work rendered by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to be buried and left out of the problem-solving equation. 

 We will pray prayers of reconciliation for race relations, prayer for peace and non-violence and for "brotherly love to continue" in the spirit and power of oneness in God as outlined in John 17.

 Showcase of Dreams and Creativity- New Open Mic will invite worship in music and the arts to fill the day with renewed hope, inspiration, tributes and most importantly greater faith in the power of God in our schools, nation and our world. Over $50,000 in Edutainment Scholarship Vouchers will be given away beginning August 30th from the Memorial and then online at www.thecollegeofaspiringartists.com through MLK Holiday 2015.

                                                   August 30, 2014 Itinerary

2014 Back to School-Back to God—

Supreme Day of Prayer, Purpose and Promise

MLK Memorial

 Note:  Detailed program will be presented on site based on new segments being added daily


Activity /Initiative


Opening Ceremony- Pastors, Spiritual Leaders Open with Prayers of  Dedication and Rededication to the Principles and Biblical Rights Exemplified by Rev. Dr. King

Led by Together in Ministries- DC Capitol Region Leaders with Dr. Corinthia Boone


Prayers for the President and Salute to New MBK Initiative

The College of Aspiring Artists Offering  Prayers of Support  for MBK-My Brother’s Keeper White House Initiative and  for other Mentoring and After-school Programs aimed to guide the now and next generation of leaders


National Day of Prayer Task Force Leaders- Vice Chairman John Bornschein

Creative Talents Share their Creativity


Bridgeway Community Church, Columbia, Maryland/Give the Dream Scholarship Vouchers Presented /Creative Talents Share their Creativity


Prayer for Education: Psalmist/Prayer Leader Peggy Clemmons and Dr. Blanche L. Hunt/Give the Dream Scholarship Vouchers Presented/Creative Talents Share their Creativity


Prayers for the People in Ferguson Missouri: Reconciliation Race Relations- Non-Violence


Kunjalo, Cape Town South Africa International Tribute


Creative Talents Share their Creativity/Dreams/Talents/Give the Dream Scholarship Vouchers Presented


Closing Prayer and Message from Founding CEO of The College of Aspiring Artists and Supreme Day of Prayer, Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.


                                                  For more information and how to join us contact:

Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.
The College of Aspiring Artists
        Founder, SDP-Supreme Day of Prayer

870.623.8179| thecollege@aol.com |www.thecollegeofaspiringartists.com




























































Little Rock Central High National Historic Site Partners with

 The College of Aspiring Artists to “Give the Dream”

 Your Partnership/Gift/Donation:  How it Works/How it Helps— The Tour, The Voucher, Media/PR, The Road to Productive Citizenship is all accomplished and more…

 In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (MOW) this special “Give the Dream” Edutainment Voucher was introduced on August 28, 2013 by The College of Aspiring Artists and the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Economic Development and Research Center with key support from the Little Rock Central High National Historic Site and the Arkansas Department of Heritage. The voucher is designed to motivate and assist new students with enrollment in our innovative creative edutainment program— The AR 1000.  It focuses on getting 1000 creative talents into their creative career pathways in 2014. The initiative gets its start in Arkansas with the voucher and the nation joins in. It focuses on how we assist the “now and next generation” in getting their dreams fulfilled.  Here’s how—


  1. MOW 50th Anniversary “Give the Dream” Vouchers from TCAA awarded- Voucher applications will be given out beginning November 30, 2013 at the MLK Memorial and the 2014 MLK Holiday events in TN/AR/MS/LA. Accepted participants will receive full registration/application fee to the first term, (January-June) of TCAA’s Creative Economy Edutainment Coursework and Artists/Creative Enterprise Development Program presented by TCAA and UAPB-ERDC and will receive one free course- The Business of You- Introduction to the Creative Economy—The course is a presentation of the business of creativity and the growing impact

       2. January 15, 2013 (MLK actual Birthday)“Give the Dream” Voucher Program Press      Conference

     January 20, 2014, MLK HolidayRecruitment/Retention/Rewards Strategy— Students begin coursework from The College  of Aspiring Artists/UAPB-ERDC Creative Economy Program.

        More on the Voucher Sponsorships/Purchase:  Contact Arthur L. Hunt, Jr.  866.531.2359