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Arthur L. Hunt Jr, Founder/CEO

Founder/CEO Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D

With more than 25 years as a professional in the business, Arthur L. Hunt Jr., has worked with the best in the league. As a promoter, he has had successful runs with artists including Jennifer Holliday, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Ben Tankard, The Winans, Rance Allen Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's, William Becton, James Hall, Mighty Clouds of Joy, and other notables. Hunt and the staff of professionals at TCAA provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the aspiring talent.

In addition to his active role as an ordained minister and pastor, his background in marketing and music include assignments with CBS™ and ABC™ television networks and several radio stations. A major executive at Intersound/CGI Records™ and former President of MCG Records™, Hunt has a proven track record as a label executive and entertainment subject matter expert. Recent credits include work on the upcoming documentary FEEL THE MOVEMENT slated for a 2018 release.