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Edutainment Voucher

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (MOW) this special “Give the Dream” Edutainment Voucher was introduced on August 28, 2013 by The College of Aspiring Artists and the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Economic Development and Research Center with key support from the Little Rock Central High National Historic Site and the Arkansas Department of Heritage. The voucher is designed to motivate and assist new students with enrollment in our innovative creative edutainment program— The AR 1000. It focuses on getting 1000 creative talents into their creative career pathways in 2016. The initiative gets its start in Arkansas with the voucher and the nation joins in. It focuses on how we assist the “now and next generation” in getting their dreams fulfilled.

For a limited time, the voucher is available for a $100.00 purchase and provides special enrollment discounts and attendance to innovative symposiums.

New America Diversity Card

The Business of You - $375

This fee covers the admission to the one-day Symposium which includes scholarship auditions, showcases and all day session on the overview of The College of Aspiring Artists. This course is a prerequisite to the coursework at TCAA. This fee also includes registration to TCAA.

The registration fee includes the registration fee for the one-day session which is a prerequisite of the academic courses.
It also includes the academic courses' registration fee and two books.

Academic Courses Tuition/Artist and Creative Enterprise Development Program

1200.00 per year with the Edutainment Voucher

The creative economy, music business and artist development program from TCAA is taught from some of the best instructors in the industry. The subject matters includes all the core areas in the industry plus the artists benefit via recordings, touring support, radio, and retail promotions. Also included is great networking and discounts on professional services such as graphic design work and production services through TCAA.