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TCAA is an edutainment, entertainment business, creative economy and career development center for new and aspiring artists, creative talents and enterprises.

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Mixing BoardTCAA is a resource center for organizations that require and who would benefit from, the artists, talents and services provided by TCAA and our Creative Economy Network.
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TCAA acts as a clearinghouse for creative talent – by providing the skills of highly visible, knowledgeable individuals to the public, and the entertainment industry through its associations and relationships.

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Phase I - Academic and Entrepreneurial Training

Fundamentals of innovation and creativity, copyrighting, music publishing, contract negotiations, marketing, promotions, distribution, media & public relations, image presentation, business & financial planning for professional entertainment and creative economy careers.

Phase II – Career Development & Placement

An On-The-Job development track with serious participants engaging in creative, music recording and innovative projects. This includes touring with all ancillary professional requirements - including radio, television and retail promotions, financial planning, CD recording, documentary film production and performances.

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Specializing in the music business, industry courses, documentary films, poets, marketing, promotions, distribution, economy, publishing, copyrighting, recording careers.

Contact us at 1 (866) 531-2359 for our comprehensive entertainment business courses, creative economy network, distribution deals, radio stations, digital and print magazines.

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